May 26, 2008


I have an older version of this sewing machine. I used to love it! Now I want to use it as a very expensive anchor! Not quite 2 years ago it had a recall that I had never had fixed. I took it to local dealer and it has never been the same. It has taken me almost 3 weeks to make the red skirt and it's still not finished. It's a simple skirt - so why haven't I finished yet? Well - because after sewing all the seams in both the skirt and the lining I went to install the invisible zipper. They're easy, I can almost do it blind-folded, when the machine cooperates. But for some reason the tension is off. I have taken the machine apart - cleaned everything. Rethreaded everything and changed needles. I'm at my wit's end. It's a very sad day when my cheapo Wal*Mart back-up machine works better than my good one.


  1. Ohhhh, I so feel your pain! Can you trade the machine in for something else? And thank God for a back up machine!

  2. Upgrade. As little as I know about sewing, I do know the local vendors carrying the fancier machines always take in trade-ins for a newer model... Life's too short to work with bad tools!

  3. I feel your pain, there is nothing more frustrating than a sewing which doesn't work when it should.

    I'd say change to a different brand. I am Bernina partial but will take an older TOL Pfaff if I must. Seriously, I collect them and that is an understatement, but somehow I have always had second thoughts when your brand came up. I don't do machine embroidery but that is not an issue. I also don't collect non European brands.

    I'd also say, think carefully about the type of sewing you do because some of us tend to buy 'too much' machine, telling ourselves silly things like if we need a certain capability we'll have it on hand....rubbish.

    Now that I have them all and in duplicates, I'd rather have a good needle-feed(that I have) or walking foot industrial(which I exchanged for the needle feed, my OSMG did that for me) and a good serger. What IS important though, it a machine which will make an excellent buttonhole. That is what my Bernina 1260 does very well.

    I purchased an old Bernina 850 Industrial some years ago and it is a dream to use. My preferred machine at the moment.

    Now, I know you didn't want to hear all of this...LOL...but just still...LOL



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