May 26, 2008

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Yesterday, I stopped by Hancock Fabrics to look for the OOP Vogue coat pattern. They were good about pulling their old patterns, so if I really want it, I'll have to buy it online.
Anyway, I picked up McCalls 5247. It has all the elements that Marji has suggested are important in a coat. For awhile still you can see her posts on the the Great Coat Sew Along by following the link.
I also picked up McCalls 5060. While I like most of the details - it's an armhole princess rather than a shoulder princess. And it only has a one piece sleeve. So, it's probably out for this round.
Next, I picked up Vogue 8346. I really like the short version (which is view A, shown in the back), but again - armhole princess and one piece sleeve. The last pattern I got, is also most likely a no. It's Vogue 1266. While I love the collar on View A (far right in the pattern illustrations), I'm not sure I'm up to welt pockets along with everything else. The length is way to long - but that's fixable. Finally it has a 2 piece sleeve, but again - armhole princess.
I wonder if I could take the sleeve from V1266 and use it with V8346, the short version with the shawl collar - maybe even in pink?


  1. It's all Greek to me. I can tell you that my nice wool coat is a navy Liz Claiborne that is almost too long, but better to warm me, eh? Hot flashes and a warm winter kept it in the closet last year, but it's a classic that I'll pull out again one cold day.

  2. Here in the cold northeast, a long coat is a must from November through early March (and sometimes longer on both ends - boo hoo!) I like all of the coat patterns you picked up. Hope you'll keep us updated on your progress!


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