May 23, 2008

The Great Coat Sew Along

Marji was involved in a discussion on Stitchers Guild regarding the making of a wool coat. She brought it up on her blog when showing the wool blanket she's knitting through the summer. Crazy girl! Nothing like a pile of wool in your lap when it's warm out. Anyway - that prompted the set up of The Great Coat Sewalong. I have decided that I want to play - first I want a wool coat. Not as much use for them in Western Washington as I had when living in Missoula, Montana, but still.

I am at a loss. I have One, yep only one coat pattern. It is a Simplicity Threads pattern and has all the elements that Marji has indicated are important for a first coat. But having looked at other patterns, I don't love it. And maybe I want to make 2 coats. I don't know! Of course, I had the pattern in my handbag and now I can't find it!

Here's my first delima. Deciding upon a pattern - I have the threads one (with no pattern number or link). I'm also considering Vogue 7979, Butterick 4665 (I love the collar), Butterick 4875 (I like the off set closing, rather than the double breasted). I'm going to stop by a local fabric store and see if I can find any of these.

Second - what color? I was thinking of making a grey coat. Carolyn met JB and listened to him grumble about how all I wear is bland, boring, earth colors. So, why am I thinking grey? Well - because! Most of my wardrobe is brown. I have a nice brown raincoat as well as a short brown leather coat. But I don't know what to wear when I wear black. I do not want a black coat - so I was thinking grey. But then my ASG friends said if I like brown to make a brown coat it goes well with black.

Last week at dinner, I was talking with JB about this coat project and he said - red! Make a red coat. (The top photo is princess red). All fabrics are available from gorgeous fabrics. I can't really tell how red that red is, so I'm leery of it. I don't want a tomato red, but a rich burgundy red would be lovely. I'm also thinking pale pink - because well pink would be beautiful with all the browns I wear as well as black.

Opinions anyone? On pattern and/or color?


  1. I vote for rich burgundy, but a nice rosy pink would be excellent with browns and black. Plus, you'd stand out in the crowd! Before I read all of your post, I had scanned the color, and my reaction was that the burgundy would make an awesome coat. (Can you tell my college kids are home? Awesome? How about outstanding!)

  2. Ann (Gorgeous Fabrics) will send you a sample of the fabric and she is usually able to send it out very quickly. I tried to look up the Panetone color and it looks more like rust than burgundy to me.

    I agree with JB on the idea of a red coat although I would probably go for a brighter red. But no one has ever accused me of being subtle!

  3. I vote for the princess red followed by the grey...the pink would be too precious and you are going to have this coat for quite some time!

  4. *ahem* I think, though I realize my opinion counts for naught, that the "peony pink" is gorgeous. You wear winter coats in the drabest part of the year, and, usually, shut, no? Get the most flattering shade of pink you can (this is probaly not the palest one) and wear it like Valentino himself made it for you... a belt, with a fuller skirted bottom would be lovely, a wide shawl collar, and big cuffs turned back, 3/4 length, with mocha brown opera-length leather gloves (cashmere-lined, of course). Don't forget the covered buttons, and a satchel of brown wool, lined in the same peony-pink as the coat. Live is too short to be so 'safe'. Have fun. You sew fantastically well... make a grand entrance, rather than blending into the huddled masses.

  5. How about grey with a red lining? I have a red coat and wear it a lot...but then, I love color.

  6. The Butterick patternis fantastic!

  7. I kind of like the Vogue pattern, the second one from the left in the pic.

    I agree with you about the red, a deep burgundy/red would be lovely. Though pink would be great too.

    But, I am also one who is more partial to black and brown coats so I could argue that gray would be good because you can knit fabulously colorful stoles and scarves to wear with it.


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