May 31, 2008


So, what do you think? This is my modified version of Simplicity 2996. It's not yet finished as technically this is made from old JoAnn's fabric that I don't particularly love. But as JB and Carolyn pointed out - I'm using it as muslin rather than tossing it. Anyway - Bonnie said that to her the line drawing looked a little bit matronly. So, I'm wondering - what do you think? I went ahead and used the Simplicity pattern because it was closer to my size than the McCalls. While my shoulders are a size 14 or so, my bust is much closer to a 16 and the hips are off the chart! I always have trouble making a nice smooth transition from the pattern size to my size and usually end up with the dreaded jodpur hip. However, I think I successfully avoided that this time. I wanted a dress that buttoned down the front - all the way, not just to a waist seam. So, I simply extended the button band and the facing to the bottom. I didn't add any length and while this length is okay if I never hem it, it needs to have slightly more length to have a nice finished length. So, do I finish it and move forward with the Navy eyelet or do I test the McCalls tomorrow? Tonight I'm getting ready to make risotto and pork chops and then I'm knitting.


  1. Honest opinion? It's giving me thoughts of the old women in prison movies from the 80s. LOL! I think it's the skirt section -- too full/too short at that fullness. If it was a slimmer cut, I think it would be more flattering.

  2. it is a little hard to get past that prison green. :)

    the length is not quite right. however, pretty fabric, buttons, cute shoes.....will change everything.

    were you planning on wearing it with a belt? a skinny little belt would cute.


  3. OK, 2 things...
    1st, i disagree with you on the "still" have good knees.
    2nd, i am coming to your house for din dins!

    And, one more thing..i do not think it looks matronly on you. You are not matronly, you are one hot mama!

  4. I don't think it looks matronly at at all- i say go with it in the good fabric.

  5. I think I'd pull in the sleeves a little bit, because they sort of stick out, at least in the pictures. Also, can you take a little fullness out of the upper hip area? I think those 2 things would help it a lot. Overall, I think it's got a nice line, and if you like it longer, well, cut it longer in the good fabric. You can always shorten it a bit, but it's pretty darn hard to put the fabric back on the hem!

  6. Okay, I totally disagree, I like the look of the dress on you. I think 2 things will totally change the look of this a fantastic will be like jewelry down the front of the dress. And two rick rack...yeah I know but I was pondering an easy embellishment for this dress and rick rack came to mind. Sew it to the underside of the collar and to the sleeve hems and add the great button and it will totally change the look of the dress.

  7. One more comment - I was thinking of using a navy blue eyelet to make this dress too! And a simple style of dress either requires a great fabric, great embellishments or great accessories! Don't lose hope!

  8. I agree with Jess... you are one hot mamma!!


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