May 17, 2008


So, on Friday 3 of my bff's got together and started Destination Yarn. But more about that tomorrow. Today - I want to tell you all about the box that was waiting for me when I got home.
Susan was my spoiler. There was a box sitting on the bench right inside the front door. After thanking my friends for a good time and talking with JB for a bit, I finally had the energy to open the box and snap a few photos.
Look at all the goodies that were packed into one box! I feel very spoiled indeed. Along with some Starbucks, were two little sample packages of flavored coffee - since I have given up cream, I adore coffee with a flavor. There was also a cards, a note pad, a bath package, coffee mug, sugar & cream in oranges, bright orange sock yarn, chocolate coffee beans, and a wonderful green bag (I wish the pattern had been included!).
I don't know what it is about orange lately, but I love it! Look at that yarn - isn't it beautiful. It will make a lovely pair of socks for me. One of the girls asked me yesterday what I would wear a certain sock yarn with yesterday - my response was 'does it matter? I'll wear them with jeans - nobody will see them but me.' I'm already thinking something lacy - maybe the leaf socks from Favorite Socks?
Also - check out this market bag. First - let me just say - I love the color! .L.O.V.E. .I.T. It's just so bright and springing and I can't wait for an excuse to use it!
Second - it's hand knit - won't it be fun to take to the farmer's markets in town and fill with fresh fruits and veggies? Oh, I'm so excited! Sarah, thank you so much - I love the package - all of it!!!
I have a sewing guild event today and I'm already running late - I'm outta here!


  1. GREAT package - love the market bag! Yes, now you have to go fill it up with fruits & veggies and then photo it for us to see!
    Oh you can wear brightly colored hand knit socks with ANYTHING... that's the FUN of hand knit socks!

  2. I am sooooo glad you like it. I will send you the pattern. I got it from my mother. She has know made 4 of them. I loved shopping for you and all the posts have really perked my creative side.

    Your new Pal,


  3. What a great package! And good timing... I bet you needed a little pick me up to get through the weekend after Friday.


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