May 5, 2008

Why I Hate Being a Homeowner

After grumbling a little bit on Saturday, I decided to sit down and finish the brown polka dot dress. It's Simplicity 3774. I'm lining the entire dress in muslin to help give the poly more body. I also added some creamy white piping to the sleeve edges, neckline and both of the bodice seams. All that's left to do is insert the zipper - which I moved to the left side seam and then hem it. Well - that's when all h*ll broke loose! There I was finally with a couple of hours to myself. I had done all my chores (menu planning, grocery shopping, updating checkbook, balance 5 months of statements and household filing - whew!). I had the dvd of Season One of Las Vegas playing on the tv and I was getting ready to put the zipper in when the power flickered. Everything went out! UGH. I had the sewing machine, serger, and iron all plugged in and on. The electricity in my home is rather sketchy anyway and while my machines are all plugged into serge protectors, I still worry about power surges getting them. So, I go upstairs to find out what's going on. Well it's seems JB was firing up his compressor to work on the raised beds in the front yard so I can grow food. The compressor fizzled and lights went out - although nothing in the fuse box was tripped. I called an electrician (yep, on a Sunday - we know people) who thinks half the fuses died. He'll be coming over this morning to fix it. Anyway - half of the stuff in my house doesn't work. Both the fridge and freezer do, the stove and dishwasher don't. I have no power upstairs - anywhere - so I'll be showing in the dark and bringing all my morning ritual to the main floor bathroom. UGH!! On a more positive note, I did finish the blue wrap skirt which was started at the Spring Retreat. It's a variation on Simplicity 5914. After making a couple of versions, I had decided that since this skirt fit me so well through the hips and waist, it might be a good candidate for a wrap version. I cut the back as directed on the pattern. For the front I cut 2 center front pieces and one each of the sides. I had meant to cut another right side front, but forgot, so only the center pieces overlap. I rounded the bottom corners and just did a serged and turned under hem. I did use interfaced waistband pieces for more structure, I added two little turned tubes for 'closing' the skirt - one is sewn into the side seam and the other is on the front edge. To make sure the skirt really stays closed I added a snap to the front under edge and a skirt hook to the front top edge. I really want to go all 80s and wear this with a body suit and a beautiful cardigan! But I won't - I don't think - no promises yet!


  1. Hrmph. Attempt #2 at a comment. It seems Blogger ate the first one.

    The circuit my bathroom is on wants to be two separate breakers. It's on the Knight's list, but he hasn't gotten to it yet.

    Love the skirt!

  2. ugh... but maybe someone was trying to say you should've been knitting instead of sewing? lol I hope you got it all fixed today!

  3. Fuses? Old house? We got tired of blowing fuses, and had the entire electrical service replaced, including all new circuits in the kitchen so each appliance has its own juice. It has saved so much annoyance!


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