May 2, 2008

Back in the Studio

While on vacation, I picked up this beautiful piece of red cotton. You can see the width of the fabric here while Kashi is cutting it.
Because the print is so large - both Carolyn and I decided it needed to be a full skirt. I am loving the look of the skirt in Simplicity 4045. What do I like about it? Well I like that it a tiny waistband, rather than having the skirt hang from a yoke. On me, having all those pleats hang from a yoke does 2 things - it places a horizontal line in a very unflattering place and then it also releases the pleats in the most unattractive place. The pleats I can deal with by just changing where they release - but a yoke? I don't know how to deal with that.
I'm not sure that this pattern is a good choice for this fabric due to all the pleats - I think it might break the pattern up too much.
My other option is Kwik Sew 3337. I have at 5 skirts from this pattern. The first version was a lined amy butler cotton print. this pattern has 2 front pieces, 2 sides and 2 back pieces with an invisible zipper in the center back. That first Amy Butler skirt was made exactly according to the pattern. After that, I modified the skirt by placing the front piece on the fold and taking out the tinest bit of flare at the bottom. I like the later versions better - but I love this pattern. I have made it both with and without the border band.
An advantage to using this pattern is that the pieces are basically unobstructed - so while there are 5 pieces to the skirt, the large print of the fabric would still be intact. However, I'm not sure it's full enough! Maybe I need to look for a circle skirt pattern.
So, ideas, opinions? Should I go for broke with the new Simplicity, stick to the tried and true Kwik Sew, or look for a fuller skirt?


  1. What if you did the new simplicity one but only had three pleats in the front, keeping the sides and back flat? I think that would look nice. And I think that a large pattern can sometimes benefit from being broken up a bit. That's what I'd do.

  2. I have nothing intelligent to say about skirts, as I cannot wear them (egg body, stick legs...ick), but *insert drum roll here* I just used the serger. Successfully. Now I'm going to go install a zipper, which has never happened to me before.
    p.s. our town tea room is for sale, building and all (recipes/equipment/furnishings) for 290K... you could rethink the b&b and be just down the street from ME!!! *mwah* C

  3. i would do the simplicity skirt. i think the print would be more interesting because of the pleats.


  4. I would do the Kwik Sew skirt. The pattern would sort of move in and out, but not be permanently obstructed, and I think would show off better. I agree with you on pleated skirts not having yokes. No need to emphasize the less than perfect parts of you!

  5. I say use the TNT Kwik-Sew - not only because it's such a fabulous skirt pattern, but because you *know* it's gonna work for you.

    And no....of course I don't still own my fave smock top, LOL. Silly girl, didn't you read my post? I no longer wear green :-)

  6. Since I'm the big mouth that encouraged you to purchase this AMAZING piece of fabric - I vote for the TNT pattern...but you knew that didn't you! Seriously though, I think the print on the fabric will work best with the Kwik Sew pattern.


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