May 28, 2008

What's Next?

Next up is more of the New York fabric. If I remember correctly, both of the pieces pictured on this post were purchased with the thought of a shirt dress.
But - my memory is faulty these days, so who knows? Carolyn?
This is what I'm thinking. Right now I have cut the tissue for Simplicity 2996. I like the lines of the short dress, but no longer have the knees to wear a skirt that short. I also like the sort sleeves. So, I'm thinking lengthen the pieces for the short dress and use the short sleeve. The only thing is - it isn't a true shirt dress since it doesn't button all the way down the front.
The other option that I have is McCalls 4769. I like the collar on this one a little bit better. I love that it buttons all the way down the front, and although I shouldn't really wear sleeveless anymore (see photos in last post) I love it!
So - which will make the best use of those beautiful borders? The top is a Navy Eyelet with a scalloped border. Carolyn and I talked about lining it with black batiste to make it a dressier dress or white for a more casual dress. I could always line it with a blue - but I think it would have to be a navy blue because anything else would be too - Ugh.
So, once again, I'm looking for ideas, suggestions and opinions. Thanks. g


  1. Can't help, but I am reminded of my awe at my sister in the 1980's. She'd come home with a pile of fabric and a stack of patterns, and by Monday morning, she'd have at least a couple of new outfits. How is it that I never even learned how to turn on a sewing machine?

  2. I have that same fabric from Kashi that I bought last year. I keep waffling between skirt or dress and since it isn't sewn yet, I obviously haven't decided! I really like the fabric and it will make a nice lightweight summer garment whichever one we choose.

    BTW, I love seeing & hearing about your dogs. We have two labs & 3 cats and they are all our babies.

    On another note, I am also 5'9" and struggle with my weight and am a WW lifetimer. Since I'm really struggling with it right now I need to get back to the meetings.


  3. Gaylen, I prefer the McCall's pattern. It might just be the picture but the Simplicity pattern looks a little frumpy to me. I compared the line drawings and don't see significant differences so I may be way off base!

    I do love the eyelet and think it would be a beautiful shirt dress. I saw a very cute white eyelet shirt dress in Target today.

  4. Gaylen, I agree that the McCalls pattern is nicer. I think the white lining with the eyelet would be nice, since eyelet always reminds me of summer. Love the floral pattern, too!


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