May 30, 2008

Decision's Made

Last night, I sat down with JB and the pile of coat patterns - okay so there were only 5! After discussing the options I decided to go with V8346. I'll be making the red view - that length, that collar, everything. This morning I called Ann, and ordered 4 yards of the Princess Red Wool Flannel. I still have to decide about lining. I don't think I'll need to interline my coat as it never really gets cold in Western Washington, but I'll ask for opinions at my next ASG Neighborhood group meeting. To keep JB happy - I also asked Ann to send me swatches of the August Green, eggplant, and bright peony wool flannel. Who knows, I may end up making more than one coat. I'm feeling slightly (okay really more like I'm drowning here) out of my element here. I just hope I don't mess this up.


  1. Oooh! I'm impressed. I'm sure you're up to the task. Love the other colors too... all of 'em! How cool that JB is so interested in this project.

  2. It's great that JB is so enthused about this project. After the first one, others will be easier. I made a lightweight coat about 3 years back. The first one took me forever to finish. Seriously, I think I worked on it every chance I got for nearly a month. The second one was much faster, and I turned out a third one in a long weekend. Of course, I used the same pattern for all 3....


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