May 28, 2008


Mostly finished. This was cut out long ago. I say it's mostly finished because if I decide to finish it, it needs to have the neckband facing handsewn down and hooks and eyes applied to the neckband. I have a couple of issues with this top. First, it's a little short for me. I think. Second - what do you wear a shiny polka dot top with? Third - see those gaps at the underarms? What causes that and can I fix it on this top? I was thinking of taking a little dart in the armhole. Fourth - in the name of all things on the planet - what style of bra do you wear with a top like this? Even my racer back shows with this top. Strapless? UGH! So, the pattern is Butterick 4996. I like the way it looks on the envelope - not sure I love it on me. Thoughts, suggestions? Do I finish?


  1. Stop it. That critical eye is in overdrive. It's precious, and I'm sure someone who sews can offer advice on the armhole issue.

    The top looks darling, and could be worn with anything that makes you happy. Me, I see cream-colored (lined!) capris...

    Bra. Buy one of the complicated convertible ones OR a halter style. The strap will actually loop around the back of your neck. (I avoid strapless at all costs!)

  2. When I have armhole gaps like that, I take a dart into the armhole. Of course, that messes up facings, but problems create more problems, don't you think? I second the convertible bra. Actually, for things like this, I took an older bra, cut the shoulder straps at the back, and stitched them so they looped around my neck. Problem solved. How about a cream colored skirt with this? The shiny fabric suggests a little dressing up to me!

  3. no expert, but the word "darts" popped into my head, as i tried to visualize a top that i have that is similar to that.

  4. I was also going to suggest a halter bra and white capris (or cream if that's the true color of the polka dots)

  5. the gapping can be caused if you have a larger bra size than a C cup. Altering the pattern before you cut out can be done by adding in a bust dart to the side, but, trying to do it after you've cut out and sewn, will cause the arm holes to shrink and cut off circulation...maybe you could sew in a little tighter at the underarm seam to draw in some of that fabric?


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