May 19, 2008

Design & Creativity

My local ASG chapter hosts an educational event every May. This year they brought in Diane Ericson. I have to say that while the clothing she makes is beautiful - it's totally not my style. While I loved looking at it, none of it inspired me enough to even purchase a pattern.
I did have a few moments of - OH! and Hmmm. But unfortunately I did not leave inspired. Oh well, not everything has to work for everyone.
The one thing she did that I really liked, was the art collage. She would start with inspiration photos - generally from architectural magazines - and then pull fabrics, trims, bits and pieces to get the same feel of the inspiration piece. Sometimes those elements then became a garment or an outfit, but sometimes they just remained swatches on a piece of paper. I did like that.

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  1. Well... that's SOMETHING, right? Not all was lost...


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