January 3, 2009

Year In Review

So - at the end of December 2007 I set out some goals for the new year. How did I do? *blog a little more regularly and a little bit more about sewing :) Well I blogged almost daily - some days more than once. I'm not sure I blogged more about sewing. *try not to blog without photos I totally nailed this one. I did not post once without a photo. Some days it's difficult, but when I'm rambling on about nothing it's much nicer to have photos. *sew with better quality fabric I didn't do so well with this one. I have some better quality fabric in the cupboard and it will be making an appearance in 2009. *attempt new things - whether it's knit pattern drafting, or sewing outside my comfort zone A little bit. I created my own sock pattern. I joined a lace knit along and the Great Coat Sew Along (which is becoming my January 2009 project). *get back into walking the dogs Totally failed at this one. We got a little more regular with weekend walks but still aren't back into the routine of week day walks. In 2007, I also posted that a goal was Joy. Unfortunately, I didn't do so well with this one. I have come to the conclusion that I hate the location of the studio. I love the layout and the stuff that is in there, but I hate that it's in the basement. It's cold and I feel like I'm being punished. So - in 2009, what can I do about that? I can either figure out how to make it more pleasurable or give up sewing. There really is no other place in my home to relocate the studio.


  1. I can totally relate to the location of the "sewing room" thing. I was in the (cold/unfinished/stud wall/vapor barrier/you get the picture) basement and also felt like I was being punished/banished from everyone else. So I moved upstairs but am in a corner of a hallway to the laundry room. Of course that means I have to cut stuff out in one place, move it to the sewing place, and move it back to a different place to iron it. I am thinking about moving into one of the two front rooms (commonly known as a living room/formal dining room combo, but not what we use it as), even though it is covered in carpet. Lately DTY and I have been setting up th emachine on the kitchen table, but It is such a pain to have to take it down everytime we need ot eat. The perfect place and/or set up is always such a problem, isn't it?

  2. I have to cut out my stuff on the dining room table (and am always afraid of scratching it) or the breakfast room table (good luck getting people to give me some space), and my machines are on a narrow table in the study in our house. Not ideal, but at least I don't feel isolated, and it isn't cold. Sometimes, if I'm working on a big project, my dearly beloved will tote my machine into the kitchen and tell me to work where he is.

    BTW, I have a deep orange floral fabric that I made one skirt out of, and just didn't love. It's similar to the fabric you got from Kashi that ran, and if you like it, I'll send it to you. I'm pretty sure I posted a picture of the fabric last spring, and the skirt when I did my "wearing what I sew" week, shortly after yours.

  3. I used my basement at one time to sew in...I added carpet to the floor, a heater, a tv set and vcr (okay it was some time ago) anything that would make it homier and easier to sew in. Oh yeah and some track lights...since you CAN'T give up sewing...please find a way to make it work?!!!

  4. (Skipping right over the sewing, not to be rude because I know it's important to you, but I can't relate...)

    How 'bout sharing your frustration with the dungeon room with JB? Maybe there is a way to change it, somehow... Joy is OH SO important, especially in our hobbies.

    You did a great job with your goals! Kudos to you!


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