January 23, 2009

This is Where I Get Confused

This is a horrible picture, but this is where I'm hung up on the Great Coat Sew Along. I printed out the instructions for converting the one piece sleeve. I measures the bottom and cut the sides off the sleeve pattern. I curved the lines in on the top sleeve piece. But now? I think I just draw new grainlines from the top of the pattern to the bottom and then add the pieces cut from the top pattern? But doesn't that make the sleeve much bigger in circumference than originally planned? So, I'm going to do some research, read the instructions, see if I can borrow a drafting book, and attempt to carry on.


  1. I started typing my reply in Latin, just because that would likely make sense to you as that did to me. I read, I care, but I'm no help at all.

  2. yeah...totally cannot help you here. Thankfully, you were not looking for help from ME though anyways!

  3. If the two pieces together are the same total circumference as the original piece, plus 1-1/4" for the two extra seam allowances, then you're good. Use the original grainline, I think.

    Like I know a lot about sewing coats. But from an engineering standpoint, it's perfect. I hope someone who really knows something, not just logic, helps you!

  4. Gaylen, do you mind if I jump in ? Feel free to look at the length of this and completely ignore it. This was my first ever sleeve conversion and so my input may not be the best - but mine worked and so, being me, I'll give it a go. :-)

    It sounds like you've got the upper sleeve done and the problem is with the under sleeve, right ?

    The pieces shown in your pic are the 2 side pieces that you cut off of your original sleeve pattern.
    - Lay them together with what were the 2 outer seams now in the middle matching up the notches in each piece.
    - Tape 'em together, it will be a very narrow triangle.
    - Lay this piece on a new, larger piece of tracing paper.
    - At each of the 2 top points of the armsyce draw a vertical line straight down to the bottom of the sleeve - parallel to the center seams you taped together.
    - Now at the bottom, measure in 2" from the back (right side on the pic - item 4) and mark it, then measure out 1-1/2" from the front (left side on the pic) and mark that.
    - Now draw the curved lines from the armsyce down to the new marks at the bottom to get the curved sleeve.

    The sleeve isn't going to be any wider because you're just adding back the 3" that you took away when you curved the upper sleeve (item 3 of the instructions).

    I really hope this helps you & didn't make it worse. Good luck.

    Word verification is 'pacings' - pace yourself - one step at a time! LOL

  5. I'm glad I'm not the only one whose first thought was "huh?"

    Forgot to tell you - C. from GY gave me some very vintage apron and other patterns to give to you. Her mother didn't want them anymore and she thought of you. I stopped short of asking if there were any pumps to go with the aprons...

    Anon. D.

  6. I was lost after 'I printed out the instructions for converting the one piece sleeve.' :)

  7. Did Claire's explanation make sense? because that's how I do it too.
    I don't think I could explain any clearer than she did...


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