January 2, 2009

First Project of 2009

Custom dyed sock yarn in Philadelphia Eagles colors. Made for the man who loves the Eagles. They were originally intended to be finished in time for his birthday, but I didn't have the yarn yet. So, they went on vacation. Started on December 27th finished on January 2nd. Toe up construction. Both at the same time. Magic Looping. 32 stitch cast on. Increased to 72 stitches. 32 on the instep needle. 40 on the foot. 2x2 ribbing on the instep. 1x1 ribbing around the arch. Afterthought heel over 40 stitches. Still need to figure a few things out. Like when I do an afterthought heel on 60% of the stitches - I don't know how big it's going to be. Often I end up with a longer foot than I wanted. They could have been a little longer through the leg - there was yarn left over. Also, JB says they aren't really snug at the top. They stay up, but they aren't snug. Yes, I did switch to 1x1 ribbing for the last little bit (6 rows). Maybe I need to do more "cuff" at the top of the socks. Anyway - there you have it. The first finished project of 2009.


  1. Those are way too cool! Love that. I am a big big fan of toe up, haven't been able to do two at a time yet...to much going on at once for my taste, but an efficient technique for sure.

  2. Gaylen, the socks are wonderful, and Jay is such a great model! I will make sure Roger sees the finished product. They were a work in progress when we saw them in FL! Hugs to all...

  3. Very cool! The socks that stay up the best on me are the ones that have ribbing from the ankle up. :-)

  4. I can't stand a snug cuff, so I can't offer much help there, but the Knight's favorite socks are ribbed from toe to cuff, at least on the top of the foot...


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