January 13, 2009


Remember these? The Love My Charade socks I knit for Miss L? Remember that I told you they might not fit? That they might be a little bit too tight? Well. . . . . last night Miss L. came over for dinner and to get paid (finally) for watching the dogs. She brought me most of her gifts. I shortened her flannel pants by 3" in the crotch and 4" in the legs. The girls is tiny. Still, she couldn't get the socks on her feet. So last night I picked out the EZ sewn cast off edge and wound the socks into little tiny balls of yarn. I found my US0 circular needle and picked up 128 stitches. They are now back on needles in the hopes of having them finished before the end of January. On a completely different topic -- today is Fred's 6th birthday. Please rush over and wish him a happy day. (Plus his mom is fabulous and feels like she blogs for naught.)


  1. Those socks are a pretty shade of pink; I'm sure she'll enjoy them when you finish them.

    And, yes, I went to visit Fred!

  2. Ouch... I hope they re-knit quickly and painlessly.

  3. Damn... I think I would've found some tinier feet for them and started her another pair... ugh.

  4. How painful! At least you can say that you got twice the fun out of the yarn. Does that help?

    Prob'ly not.

  5. Even though you had to redo a couple of them..what FABULOUS gifts for watching the houndies! Also, Fred says THANKS for acknowledging his special day!!!

  6. No I'm the one that blogs for naught, hence the blogfree zone lately. Been to busy to blog. by the time I catch up on everyone else I'm too blooming sorry to take pics and post
    wish I liked knitting socks


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