January 19, 2009

Hello Pot, Kettle Calling

So, last Thursday The Princess called. She had finally got her holiday bonus and decided it was time to knit a cardigan. She asked me for ideas. I told her top down. She bought a pattern book, all the yarn, needles, etc. She said it was the most money she had spent on anything for quite awhile. Saturday morning, I asked her if she had started her cardigan yet. Click on the link above and find out about it. She said no, because it was the most she had ever spent on a knitted item and she didn't want to ruin it. I asked if she would rather have a cardigan or $150 worth of wool laying around? Hello Pot, Kettle Calling. Yep that's me. See that pile of stuff over <---- there? Well it's not quite $150, but close. There's 5 yards of red wool melton bought on sale from Gorgeous Fabrics, the lining was purchased from Denver Fabrics, today I ordered interfacing from Pam at Sew Exciting, and the pile of notions that I have no idea how to use came from Marjie as part of the Great Coat Sew Along. Today I pulled everything out of the cupboard, cleaned off my table, took fresh measurements and traced the important pieces of the pattern. I almost have the sleeve changed to a two piece sleeve, but I'm having some trouble with the under sleeve portion. I'm not sure if I'll slog through and figure it out because I don't understand why having a two piece sleeve is important. I hope to get the muslin traced and have photos of a muslin before the end of next weekend. I think I may either need a ton of adjustments or to purchase a bigger size. My measurements put me square into a size 18 and my pattern stops at a 16. But I'll continue with the muslin of this size and see what happens. Just so that I'm not telling the daughter to do something that I'm frightened of myself I will proceed with this project.


  1. Glad to know I'm not the only one that does that too!

  2. Good Luck Gaylen :-) Your red wool looks lovely.

    We're working on the same coat and at some point Marji posted instructions on changing the sleeve to a 2-piece. I printed them out and read them about 10 times (!) before attempting it - they worked !!!

    Just as soon as I get done organizing my sewing room mess, I'll get back to my coat. The back is complete - I've been debating bound buttonholes (not quite done debating yet).

  3. What a good mom! And I'm pretty sure all of my store-bought wool coats have two-piece sleeves. That's about as helpful as I get on sewing...

  4. I'm always afraid of materials that are so pricy. I believe you'll make a gorgeous coat! I love that lining.

  5. Why do you think I have been so slow in finishing Emily's sweater? That yarn was so expensive, I don't want any mistakes.

  6. Guess what? I just cut out my coat on Sunday from the pink wool I purchased for the Great Coat Sewalong! We can have our own mini sew along!

  7. Oh... and I am doing the same pattern as you. View B.

    I just saw the note from Claire S about changing to a two-piece sleeve. Too late for me. I've already cut my sleeves out. I made a muslin of this pattern and the sleeve seemed ok to me.

  8. Thanks from coming by to see me Gaylen :-)

    The bottom sleeve was a bear to do - I had to keep re-reading the instructions. I was paranoid about messing with my tissue pattern, so I traced it out onto tracing paper and pretty much treated it like a jigsaw puzzle.

    The 2 sides that you cut off of the original sleeve tracing make up 'middle part' of the bottom sleeve. I taped them together and then placed them on top of 'another' larger piece of tracing paper and continued the instructions at item 4 on the sheet. You have to draw another grainline on either side, then shape the sleeve.

    I used the measurements exactly as given in the instructions and I think they worked out ok for me. My sleeves are 2-pc and they fit !

    If this was too much info - sorry ;-).

  9. Atta girl!! You will do a beautiful job!

  10. I can't wait to see your finished coat! I love both the wool and the liner, they are great separately, and look amazing together!!

    Good luck on your coat.. I'm chuggin along on my cardigan. :)


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