January 29, 2009

Finally Finished - Take Two

These are the re-knit of the socks for Miss L. I have called her several times and had her come over and try them on several times along the way. I tried something new - I increased in the leg, but did too much too fast. But because they were longer than the last socks I knit for her, I wanted to make sure they stayed up. I think they'll be fine on, but they look kinda funky from the side. Speaking of looking funky- while I really like the after thought heel, I think they look kinda funky laid out flat. How about a close up of that texture though? I still think it's really pretty. I even made myself a pair. So - do these count as the 2nd pair of finished socks in 2009?


  1. Yep, that counts!
    I love the texture on those socks...makes me want some waffles.

  2. I would definitely count it!! :)

    Really great close up picture too!!

  3. 3 yes votes. They count. That texture pic is great.

  4. Of course they count. They're socks, it's 2009, you didn't just buy the yarn to knit them, so...

  5. Yes, they count. That is a nice texture pattern. What's the next project?

  6. The texture is pretty, and here's another yes vote!

  7. I say they count!

    I'm so excited to wear them (only around the house though)...

    Can I come pick them up?!


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