January 16, 2009

Can You Feel the Love?

Thursday evening after another long day at work, I arrived home as we all generally do at some point. I have recently smartened up and started leaving the porch light on all day so I don't have to drive up to a pitch black house. Anyway - that also means I can see when a box is left on my porch :) Which was the case last night. This box was from Chan. So before I dug in, I gathered the essentials - knife (for cutting tape), camera, and scent hounds to make sure the box was safe for opening. Inside the box looked like that. Peanuts filled with static - but that's okay, makes it fun. I didn't take photos of the stuff under the peanuts, but let me say that everything was wrapped. So - what's in the box, you ask? Gingerbread Buddy Biscuits (which they loved - by the way), a namaste buddy case and two lovely hanks of yarn. I don't know what it is about the stormy colorways - but I love them.
Here's a close up of the first hank (as you can tell, I haven't started on the goal to take better photos or edit them - sorry). Anyway, this yarn is Fibra Natura Yummy. It's 100% superwash wool and while the description says it's laceweight, it's exactly what I love to make socks out of.
The second hank in the box is called Almost There byCreatively Dyed. It's part of her Ocean series and is called Seawool as it's 70% wool and 30% seacell. It feels fabulous in the hank and the colors remind me of a sunset over a rough ocean. There are all the colors of an angry day at the ocean with the pops of reds and blues of a sunset.
I recently started a Ravelry Group called the stash sock club with the goal of knitting 12 pairs of socks in 2009 from stashed sock yarn. I'm so glad I decided that while you can't purchase and knit up new yarn and count it, you can knit up gifted yarn and count it! Thank goodness for that little bit of insights since one of these beauties will be next on the needles. Thank you Chan - for the encouragement to leave gifted yarn as being okay and for sending absolutely perfect yarns. I'm not sure which will be first, but the Ocean is calling my name.


  1. Well, another gift for Lucy. Did she put her cookies in her bag? (Only kidding). Pretty yarn; it should make interesting socks!

  2. Marjie made me spew diet 7-up on my monitor. That's a funny image...

    I hadn't notice the Yummy was labeled laceweight. It was shelved with the sock yarns, and I never thought twice about it, not that it would have stopped me from buying it for you, you weeeee needle lovin' knitter!

  3. ha ha Marjie! ;o)
    Great gift....so nice to have treats like that to brighten the day!
    another idea, along with the porch light, would be to put an interior light on a light timer.

  4. Socks from your Stash sounds great! I still have that wonderful yarn you gave me to knit a pair!

  5. I LOVE CreativelyDyed's yarns! Her colors are so gorgeous (I must have at least four skeins of her sock yarn in my stash), and she's a super nice person in real life... she always comes to our local fiber festival in October.


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