January 21, 2009

Seeing Red

Last year I made fingerless mitts for several of the folks I work with. I did not, however, make any for TL - boss' daughter. I didn't know she was coming back home and would be at the office again. I was on medical leave and nobody told me.
Well she was upset and asked me repeatedly to make her a pair of gloves. She was rather insistent on it and wanted a pair just like I made her mother.
Well, I don't take asked for knitting well. Oh, I'll knit for others and enjoy it, but don't tell me what to make. I'll make what I feel like making.
So, here are the darling's mitts - they are Plymouth Baby Alpaca Grande, plain ribbed cuff. The pattern can be found here (rav link).
I hope she enjoys them.


  1. You could have told her that nice Glittens are available. They're fingerless gloves with mitten tops attached to go over the fingers...I hate people who demand that you do something! So patient of you to comply.

  2. They are lovely, and you are kind.

  3. They look very comfy/cosy. Did she appreciate getting them ?
    With those manners, she would have waited a long time to get a pair from me. I have neither the patience nor the kindness. Probably something I should work on :-)

  4. LOL... however on the other hand, its kinda nice to know what they want because then you know they'll actually wear/use it......

  5. wow....you are better than me, i would not have made them. I don't like it when people tell me what to make them, either.
    They are pretty darn cute though, you did a wonderful job.

  6. Well, it was kind of you to make them for her. Our receptionist fell in love with the handknit dishcloths I gave as gifts one year and now she "puts in her request" every year before Christmas. lol It's always polite and said in a joking manner, though. I guess I don't mind since I know she truly enjoys them and uses the mess out of them. :-)

  7. the gloves are great. as cold as my hands always are, i should really think about a pair of these. btw, i have a little surprise you for on my blog. :)


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