January 29, 2009

she has a pocket

this photo shoot was totally staged, all because of a comment by Marjie. She said, and I quote: "Mom's so silly! Now Lucy has a purse to put her things in. We always say Thor has no money because he has no pockets - Lucy has solved the problem in a very pretty and girly way!" the next day or so I got a box from Chan and Marjie said, "Well, another gift for Lucy. Did she put her cookies in her bag?" so, we put her cookies in the bag and her favorite bo-bo toy and dropped it around her neck. she was less than impressed and it took her approximately 3 minutes to get that bag off her neck and get her toy out. she didn't even realize the cookies were in the bag. see them peaking out of the bag? thanks for the laughs Marjie. Hope Thor gets a pocket soon. for more laughs, check out the other dogs this Thursday.


  1. So funny! Once, after having been at the bank, and the tellers knowing my dog and giving me a treat to take home, I tucked it in my purse and forgot about it. I dropped my purse on the floor where I usually did. The next morning, I heard a noise and turned to see my little Lhasa/Poodle mix dog walking across the living room with my purse around his neck while he rummaged inside!

  2. You got something there Gaylen. How cute is that. You have 4 dogs WOW . I had 5 last year. I love them all.
    Happy DOT
    Claudie from Canada

  3. Aw, Lucy! You're such a nice girl!

    Dan wants me to make Thor a coat with pockets. Nevermind that he doesn't stay out long enough to wear a coat, and it would take forever to get him into it in the first place!

  4. I love it!!! That's darling. (And can you imagine a coat for Thor?!)

  5. OMG! Sunny needs a purse! ROFLOL!
    Lucy's such a diva

  6. Samba checks out Rob's pockets in case he forgot and left a cookie in there.

  7. Well at least she got her bo-bo freed. :) cute post


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