January 10, 2009


The Princess is 23 today.
Don't tell her I said so, but she's a good kid. Go wish her a happy birthday. She most likely has a hangover today - so scream. I also know she has no plans for her birthday. So maybe she can update her blog as her birthday gift to us. Happy Birthday kiddo! We love you.


  1. Happy Birthday Princess!! you are such a ray of sunshine, and i just love ya to pieces!! Enjoy your day!!

  2. My oldest son is 25 today! How cool is that? It always makes me wistful on their birthdays, wondering where the wonderful little guy or girl went to, and where this great grownup came from. I'm pretty sure I'm still 25, but sometimes the mirror tells me otherwise....

    Have a cake for the Princess today!

  3. How funny is this! All of us dog people also have a son or daughter who's birthday is today. My son is 25 also!

    Happy Birthday to the Princess and to Marjie's son also!

  4. Yesterday was also FIL's birthday, and the Knight's aunt's mom's as well... Popular day!


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