January 17, 2009

Since I Haven't Done Any Sewing

How about a modeled shot of JB wearing the shirt I made him before we went on vacation?
It fits well, he wore it more than once. I washed it and it didn't fall apart (always a bonus). It did wrinkle a bit more than I am happy with, but I'm fairly certain it has some linen content.
All in all - pattern worked great for him straight out of the envelope. Now to do a muslin of the color blocked style with a yoke.


  1. Did you really think yor sewing was going to fall apart in the wash? I don't believe it!

  2. Hey...great job! You are so stinking talented, i love it. WHAT is that weird/cute aardvarky-thing on the door behind JB????

  3. Looks good, but he doesn't look really pleased about having to model your creation! How about one of those funky dancing shots like your daughter made you take?

  4. haha... I agree with Marjie... those funky dancing shots that I make you take are pretty great! Mr. Jay looks like he's had a few to drink out on the deck of the cruise ship before this pic was taken! lol...
    And I think that the towel creature must be a monkey of some sort... only because it is hanging so I figure that's what its gotta be!

    Cute Shirt :)


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