January 9, 2009

What I Learned on my Christmas Vacation

~ I love to wear skirts. It's mostly what I sew. I packed 5 skirts for a 2 week vacation (and 3 dresses, and jeans). ~ That photo <--- over there? Those are most of the skirts in currently in my closet. See all the prints? Yep, all print skirts. Some read as solid, but they aren't. ~ My swimsuits (tankinis) have print tops and solid brown bottoms. ~ While many people on a cruise ship are very comfortable walking around wearing nothing but a swim suit, I am not! I do not have the shape that makes it comfortable for me or enjoyable for anyone seeing me. So I always had a skirt and top with me to pull on when I needed to take a walk.
~ If I had solid skirts, it would have made my life a bit simpler. I always had to have a skirt and top to pull on because my skirts all clashed horribly with my suit tops! I didn't have a solid wrap and I don't have any shorts.
~ So, the gist of this post **I learned I need a few solid color casual skirts added to **
What did you learn over the holidays? (the other photos? some of my favorite skirts that got to travel along.)


  1. I, too, love skirts. I have about the same number of solids as prints. I always have a skirt to put on with a swimsuit when I walk around. I'm not as skinny as I used to be - great shock - and even if my hubby thinks I look fine, I don't. And that's what matters.

    One of my sons paid us a backhanded compliment about always having family dinners with no background noise, and holding long discussions about anything and everything. He says that's unusual. I learned that at least one of our kids thinks we have done well at having a family of friends, and that's the best thing I could have ever heard!

    But it's not as useful as knowing you need more skirts.

  2. Over the holidays, i learned (again) that my mom makes the ABSOLUTE best sandbakles. I am sure i spelled those wrong, but they are wonderful Norwegian cookies, i am guessing a family recipe handed down from my mom's dad. His name was Sven, so you know it is legit.

  3. I need to re-learn to wear skirts..... I also need to slim down some before an April wedding so I don't look like a beached whale in a tent dress..

  4. I have the same problem. I am very attracted to prints. I have to make a concentrated effort to get solids to match. I bought a couple skirts last year and would like to get in the habit of wearing them again. I just automatically reach for the jeans.

  5. prints always catch our eye in the fabric store, but solids are needed too....otherwise we have nothing to wear with the prints... :)

    over the holidays, i was reminded what incredibly kind and mature boys i have and that i am lucky to have good friends.

  6. ....by the way, your skirts are SO darn cute! I love the pic of you knitting at the southernmost beach! That is one of my faves, of all your skirts!

  7. You do skirts so well. I like to wear them because I'm built too short and boxy for anything but separates. The sleeves on Emily's sweater are long enough for stockings for me!
    You look great in your skirts.

  8. I need more skirts, period. ;-) I have so many pairs of pants, but hardly any skirts. I just have such a hard time finding skirts that I like, though.


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