January 4, 2009

Lofty Goals

What does 2009 have in store for me? Lots of things, some will be good others will be difficult. For example, in this troubled economy I will most likely be looking for a new job. Working more hours for less money. If I'm lucky I'll be able to find a job quickly. JB needs to have major surgery to fix a torn tendon in his shoulder. He's hesitant to have surgery due to a 6 month recovery time. There are lots of considerations with that decision - the least of which should be financial - but we all know it's top on his list of things to consider when scheduling his surgery. In the crafting world: :: Sewing :: *use the fabrics I have. Regardless of the quality. It truly doesn't matter if I spent $30 a yard for something. If I use it it will be wearable to some degree. It may not be perfect, but I can just about guarantee better than ready to wear. If it's $30/yard sitting in a cupboard not being used it's money wasted. *sew for the body I have now. Maybe not my most favorite fabrics, but definitely what I have. I will still continue to workout and drop the extra pounds, but I need to be dressed and look professional while I'm doing it. *sew more. Enjoy the process. Take my time. :: Knitting :: *finish up two lace projects hanging around. *fix Big Brown and get it into the closet *find a better pattern and get Chocolate Raspberry made *Be aware of gauge issues. Relax and enjoy the process :: Photos :: *learn the photo editing software. I have photoshop, the software that came with the Canon and PicNic all available. Edit the photos to make them better. *organize the photos on the computer and copy them all (might have to give the laptop back). (Photo above is palm trees in Costa Rica taken by JB on 12/24/08)


  1. Sounds like excellent goals and a great plan! We will be here cheering you on!!!

    Honey Dew, Sampson, and Tina.

  2. Good plan! And no, financials should have nothing to do with needed health care, but such is life. Kudos on a rather upbeat take on what sounds like another potential rocky year.

    Sending good vibes your way!

  3. the goals sound great. I know these are uncertain times and we all have to help keep each other's spirits up.

    as to JB's shoulder.....I've had 3 shoulder surgeries. I know there is a big difference in surgeons and their philosophies. 6 months recovery?????????? in a young man like him??????????I have some thoughts. email me.

    Good wishes for 2009

    luv ya

  4. 'chocolate raspberry' sounds good!!

    happy new year and here's to knitting, sewing,photos & blogging!!

  5. i understand JB not wanting to do the surgery. however, he cannot start healing until he has it. do the 6 months now or later...it will still be 6 months. why not just get it over? with my knee, i put off the surgery...for a long time, which did more damage. recovery is not fun, but each day gets a little better. before the surgery, it was getting worse. at least now i am on an upward trend. it is also possible the recovery won't be so bad. i am a whole week ahead of schedule.

    good luck to him!

  6. I hate to hear that about JB's shoulder. Hopefully the recovery time won't be so long.

    I'm trying to work from my stash this year.

  7. Gauge issues? Perhaps we need to polish up another term for your 'issue'... like 'handicap'?
    "Knitting for the Terminally Tense" hasn't been published (or even written) yet, but I expect to see both of us on the dust jacket.

    Glad you're home. Missed you. Love the travel pics. Can't wait to see you. C


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