January 31, 2009


Here's the first muslin of my coat - it's Vogue 8326. I think I figured out the under sleeve, but when I went to sew the sleeve pieces together it looked all wrong. The center fronts meet, but I'm pretty sure I need to go up at least one pattern size. The muslin fits well over the bust, but what are the funny wrinkles from the sides? Too small?
I think the problems with this view are that I'm standing entirely too stiff and straight. Although there are those wrinkles that are coming from the side seams again. And what's with the way it juts out over the rear? Is there too much room at the back neck?
From the back - wrinkles above the waist. I did no alterations to the pattern at all - just traced the tissue and put it together in muslin. This is a straight 16.
Another side view when I'm not quite so stiff.
Finally - another side with my arm out of the way. It feels like the side seam is going forward a bit.
So - how do I fix it or do I not worry about it until I try again with a size 18?


  1. Hi Gaylen, should I jump in again ?

    Your muslin looks just like mine did at my first fitting, except I had to lower the bust point and narrow the shoulders. We may be trying to fit the exact same coat to pretty much the same bodies :-)

    According to the experts over at the sewalong we're supposed to do adjustments starting at the top, working down. EXCEPT if it's too tight to hang right, then we have to fix that first.

    I also cut a 16 and used 1" seam allowances as suggested early on in the sewalong posts. There are so many seams in this jacket that I sewed each one 1/4" less to give me 3" of needed ease. Most of my funny wrinkles were much better after that.

    The overall hang of my muslin was never really perfect - I'm working on the assumption that the actual wool coat will hang better because of the weight. The muslin fabric didn't have much drape or weight so the full skirt just sticks out.

    If you want to get really confused, you can go over to the sewalong blog and search Claire. You'll get all my progress of the muslin and the help I got from everyone.

  2. i tried to post earlier, but it did not go through. I am so excited you are starting the coat!!


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