January 18, 2009

Is This Better?

Crappy Picture.
Can't tell fit.
But you can see the towel monkey critter and half of our cabin during the cruise.


  1. I'm sure it's a cute critter. My sister and MJ photo'd each of theirs on their cruises too.

  2. Well...the Eagles comment was not aimed at JB specifically...cause I know he is as heartbroken this week as I was last week...but I am glad that it's not an all PA game!!!

  3. I know staterooms are pretty small, but I'd probably be sleeping on deck, because I hate confined spaces. At least JB doesn't look as grumpy in this one, and the room looks pretty nice!

  4. Yes, that's much better. Thanks for posting a pic of the monkey monkeying around with the monkey.

  5. It looks like this picture was taken through the view of a peep-hole, or the end of a coke bottle.. Tee Hee :)

    Good picture though :)


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