May 21, 2008

Real Estate

At the beginning of January, my job changed. At that time I sat in the front office. I work in a small, but very busy law office. With the changes to my job that came with the promotion - I was no longer able to really get my work done sitting in the front office. Too many people going by, too many distractions, no privacy. So, around the beginning of April, right before we went on vacation, I decided I was taking over the file storage room as my office. it was much smaller and the real estate that I had to do my job would change dramatically. But I was okay with that - in fact I was very excited. This was big undertaking, boxing up all the old files, finding storage for them, moving around filing cabinets and supply storage. I had to find a desk that I liked, order and build it (actually I bought JB lunch one day in a bribe to get him to build it). Last Thursday, the phone system guys came and set up my phone. Yesterday the IT guy moved my computer and check printer. Over there <---- that the side of my desk right under the window. The printer sits on that raised portion - for now. The final picture is a view of my office from the door. Yep, I have a door I can close and I am so excited. Yes, I did loose lots of space for stuff on my desk. What you can't see is to the right of the door there is a vertical file cabinet with in boxes on it. The nice part about having a tiny desk - I have to do one task and finish and put it away before moving on. Otherwise - papers get mixed up and that's never good. Since I'm dealing directly with client files too much anymore - this is working for me. I will be bringing in another small shelf either under the window or on the wall behind my chair.
I am a happy camper :)


  1. Beautiful and efficient. Maybe I should aspire to such?

  2. Congrats on cultivating simplicity.

  3. Very very nice! I'm working to get caught up on my blog reading...forgive my absence :)


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