January 2, 2007

As Previously Promised

Remember this post? Well I promised to show the advent calendars. The first photo shows the original advent calendar made by my Sister-in-Law a million years ago. It has just a few ornaments on it already.
I asked The Princess to email me a picture of her advent calendar all decorated for Santa, but she hasn't done it. The Musical One lost one of her ornaments last year while she was in the process of moving back home. Anyway - she didn't put hers out this year.
The next picture is of The Musical One's bare advent calendar. As you can see - all the number pockets are embroidered. These truly were one of the first projects made after I got an embroidery machine. There are little gold stars scattered around the tree and some silver 'twisted cord' garland. I also made 3 different pieced and quilted tree skirts. The skirt is much straighter on the banner than the picture indicates :)
The presents were embroidered on organza and then cut out and the edges sealed with a wood cutting tool. Finally - it's hard to see, but I added a button hole by the trunk and placed a little teddy bear (who is on a shank button) there. I think these trees are much prettier bare than the original.
Here's a little close up of some of the tiny cross-stitched ornaments. It would appear that some more of these are in my future for 2007. I put a pocket on the back of the banners and labelled it "Extra Pieces." The Princess was quite upset this year to find out that the pocket didn't actually contain any extra pieces. The picture isn't close enough to tell, but the wreath has little red beads scattered for the berries, the white of the stocking is all beaded as are the faces on the gingerbread man and the reindeer. Now I just have to find the supplies.
Finally - I'll leave you with a fully decorated, but crooked, shot of the original calendar with all the new tiny cross-stitch ornaments. And the good news - the Sister-in-Law didn't even notice that the decorations for the tree had been changed!!!

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