January 5, 2007

Weekend Plans

JB has to work on Saturday and The Musical One will be finishing the move to her new room upstairs this weekend. That means I need to vacuum her old room - after she does. Sunday we'll be picking up our new piece of weight equipment and moving furniture in the sewing/workout/computer/dog room. Saturday, however, is all mine! I have been reading blogs and need to update my links. But in the meantime I am inspired to sew clothing! For me even. I do have a few - small - craft projects to get finished first. First - Cozy Tents to The Princesses new hedgehog. Yes a live one. Her new boyfriend is buying them each hedgehogs for Christmas/her birthday and they should be arriving on her birthday. I told her I'd make the tents, but not a 'snuggle sack.' They can buy that! Next - 2 aprons. One is for The Princess, was on the agenda for Christmas but didn't get done. The other for a friend - same situation. One needs to be done by the 10th the other by the 13th. I have the 12th off - again, no biggie! After that I'm going to finish up the Santa Monica Tee that has been cut and mostly sewn since last summer! Shame on me. This is going to be a great top. If I can slog my way through all of that - then I plan on cutting out a few new skirts! Wish me luck.

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  1. LOVE how the kimono needle roll turned out! Neat that i got to see it in progress in person!

    Post a pic of those hedgies when you can....i keep picturing the 'swoop' motion that is made to pick them up!


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