January 14, 2007

Calling All Knitters

I need help! I don't know what to do. I am working on The Man Sweater. The pattern calls for gauge of 26 stitches and 32 rows with a size 4US needles. I size 4 I'm getting 26 stitches and 26 rows. On size 3US, I'm getting the 26 stitches (it's a very stretchy fabric - 5x3 rib) and only 28 rows. I held the back up to JB - since he figured out based on the color that it was for him. Anyway, the armhole shaping on the back looks a little short, but the body is long enough - I really don't want to add any length. I think what I'm going to do is refigure the increases/decreases for the sleeve and work the front up one size smaller. If I switch to smaller needles for the sleeves, do I need to rework the back? It wouldn't hurt to be size bigger :) Thanks for any suggestions - I'm off to rip and watch the overtime game. Actually, I just heard JB scream that Chicago won! Guess it's over 'til the next game :)


  1. Gaylen, i would love to help you on this...but my mind is mush. And....you are a FAR better knitter than me, soooo.... ;o)

  2. I would love to help you. Do you have a link for the sweater? Did the directions say something like knit the armhole until it is "x" length? Then the only thing would be shaping part. But without a picture of the schematic drawing, I would just be stabbing in the dark. I have always felt that stitch gauge was more important to get then row gauge because you could always knit more rows. HTH

  3. Linda - the sweater is Leo from an old issue of Knitty.com. There is no schematic drawing. The biggest issue is that I have too many rows and the sleeves are too long overall! I ripped the whole thing yesterday! UGH. I showed photos and linked to the pattern here. http://gmariesews.blogspot.com/2006/12/and-now-debuting.html

    Thanks for any help you can provide - I'm frustrated!!! g

  4. Gaylen, I can't remember if you emailed me before or after this post. How's the sweater going? Email me again if you need anything. x


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