January 22, 2007

Feeling a Little Blah

First - look what I got for Christmas. JB really came through with this one. There is also a ball winder, but my table needs a minor adjustment before I can set it up, the table is currently too think to attach the winder. I also got the skein of red currently in residence on the winder. Next, remember that shopping spree I went on? Well the yarn on the left is the Cascade Quatro to make Lattice and Lace from the Summer 06 issue of Knitters Magazine. The body will be knit with the multi and then the cardi has a little ruffle around the button bands - which will be the solid. I previously swatched for this and then promptly forgot which needle size I liked. So, I need to restart it ~ but I'm afraid if I do, The Man Sweater will never get finished. The yarn on the right it for a twin set - the pattern is from Plymouth Yarns. I choose merino wool to make both pieces. The colors aren't very true in the photo. the main cardigan color is a rich chocolate brown and the pink for the contrast and the shell is more raspberry then the bright color shown. Finally, there is 3 skeins of KPPPM to make another Clapotis. This one will be for The Musical One. It will go lovely with her baby blue winter wool coat. I had hoped to get this one done by Christmas but since the yarn is still in skeins and not balls - it obviously didn't happen. However her birthday is in June and this would make a beautiful, light spring wrap. So, I'll just keep it in mind :)
Finishing up are some shots of things I've been working on. The photo on the left is an apron for The Princess. I loved the fabrics when I purchased them - but now the pink seems to be too much for the cute little blue print. What do you think? To me the pink is completely overpowering. I might need to go shopping for a softer pink to use as the ruffle and contrast on this apron.
The last picture is of the flower pincushions I made last Monday. Hope everyone else is having more productive days than I am. I think I might take one of them as a hostess gift to lady in my ASG Neighborhood Group who is opening her new home to our group for a meeting and potluck this Saturday.
On a completely unrelated front, I have however been working out and walking the dogs. We had a personal trainer come and visit on Saturday and man was he tough. And it was only "The Assessment." JB and I talked about it and we have decided to shake up my routine a little bit. He will start getting up at 5:30 with me and we will walk the dogs then. You don't really need to be awake to walk the dogs :) Then after work and before dinner we will do our workouts. I will do cardio on M,W,F and weight training on T,TH, & Sat. Sunday will be a day of rest with nothing more strenuous than walking the dogs, laundry, grocery shopping and hopefully some craft time. So far, I'm down 2# and moving in the right direction :) It feels good to have a commitment from him to do this with me - finally.

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  1. Hi Gaylen, what pretty yarn. For the apron, I do agree that the pink is overpowering. The reason I think that is because of the pattern in the pink - it detracts from the sweet patterns on the blue. I would go with either a coordinating blue, or a very muted plain pink. Even a pretty cream color (not necessarily white) would look nice too. Hope that helps. I admire you for getting your hubby to support you in the exercise stuff. That's what I miss about not having a partner - oh, right, none of my previous partners did that, so how can I miss it?? Hhahahahaha. Enjoy!


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