January 11, 2007


I am in need of another dose of Thankful Thursday. Lately I'm feeling like a spoiled brat and I don't like it. I'm doing what I want to do, regardless of what I need to do. Last night I was working on the hedgehog beds for The Princess' boy. The little hogletts are due to be flying to Seattle on Friday - but we had snow on Wednesday night - which is never a good thing! Anyway - I was so irritated at my $7,000+ sewing machine! I generally love my machine. I have a Designer 1 SE, which I bought before I quit working for the local dealer. I quit working for him because his business was going under due to the economy. Anyway - I love this machine. Now, the ex-local dealer, who is also a family friend has gotten a new job with Homeland Security and is currently in Georgia for training. Up until he left, he has done all the service and maintenance on my machine. This summer, he didn't have time so I asked him where to take it. I then took it to the dealer he recommended. They had it for a week, did an intensive service, completed a recall and replaced a part that had gone out. When it came back - the machine began shredding threads on any stitch but the most basic - straight and a very long zig-zag. I called this dealer less than 60 days after getting it back to advise of the problem and ask if he warrantied his work. Nope! So, last night was the final straw - I have the last to tents together and I just need to zig-zag the ends together to form triangles. I couldn't get the zig-zag for actually make a stitch for more than an inch! I was so mad! I could have spit needles. Mind you - I have done absolutely nothing different - I'm using the same needles, the same brand of thread and basically attempting the same stitch functions that I was using before. The local ex-dealer/friend won't be back in Washington until mid-February. Can I wait that long to sew? Or do I just spend the money for a back-up machine? Thankfulls: Today I am very thankful for how pretty the trees looked out my kitchen window this morning. They are covered with snow. Today I am very thankful for puppy kisses from Beau! Today I am very thankful for safely driving to work. Today I am very thankful for the ice crystals sparkling in the snow - how pretty. Today I am very thankful for having power and roof over my head. Today I am very thankful for being a valued member of my office team - even if I am the only one who made it into the office :) Happy Sewing everyone.

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  1. Gaylen, I found your site off a link from Gorgeous Things' blog. I am not far from you - in Mill Creek. Isn't the snow both beautiful and horrible at the same time? I'm going to bookmark your blog. I like what I've read so far.


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