January 6, 2007

Strange Things

This morning I worked on the Man Sweater a little bit while watching the sewing line-up on the local PBS. Then I went to Weight Watchers to see if I was officially below goal weight again - semi good news. While I'm not at or below my goal weight, I'm within 1.5 pounds of it, which is 4+ pounds closer than I was last week! Yea Me. Hopefully next week I'll be below. Anyway . . . after that I went to JoAnn's to look for fat quarters for my block in the Quilt for the Kims. I wandered around JoAnn's for more than an hour and came away with 7 fat quarters. I could find nothing else I wanted or needed. Not a sewing/knitting/quilting magazine or book - nothing! Shocking! So, I used my $10 off a purchase of $10 or more and came home. Upon arriving in my sewing space/studio/whatever - I found three piles of fabric. They were small - each containing 2 pieces of cotton. The Princess was here again and she looked through the quilting stuff so I could make the snuggle tents for the soon to be shipped Hedgehogs. Since the entire thing needs to be washable and the inside should be super-cozy, I'm piecing the outside and using some left-over fleece for the inside. Hope to get 4 tents made today.

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