January 15, 2007

Feeling Stir Crazy

I haven't been outside, other than to walk dogs in a couple of days. I got home from shopping on Saturday around 1p.m. and that was the last time I was outside. I'm feeling stir crazy and like I've been pent up for days. I'm having a little problem though. I don't have a real reason to leave the house. There is a local fabric store going out of business and I could go shopping, but I don't really need anything and I'm trying not to spend money. I could head to the local yarn store for a size 3 Addi circular needle. I don't really need one - I have a size 3 Bryspun needle - but I like using the metal needle much better. I'm considering calling The Princess and offering to trade her a taco for a coffee. I'm sure she's hungry and she's working at the latte stand today, but in truth I'm not all the hungry and there are left-overs that need to be used. Hmmm - most likely, I'll just stay in and continue working on the little flower pincushions I saw at over at Stacy's blog several months ago. Mine aren't looking as round as her's, but they are fun.


  1. Boy, Gaylen, I'm right there with you. This weather is getting to be a bit too much - even for me. I usually love the snow and enjoy hanging out at home. But the stress of trying to drive in it is too much. There are still too many icy patches around. Cute pincushions. I should try those too.

  2. Hi Gaylen! Thanks for stopping by Little Woolgatherings this morning, and I hope you come back often. Usually I don't talk so much about finances, but I guess I am really feeling the post-holiday pinch and the need to de-clutter. Maybe I just have some underlying emotional issues??!! In any event, I can't wait to browse your site and get a better feel of things. Cheers!


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