January 30, 2007

More Ideas Than Time

I'm starting to recover from starting an exercise program with renewed vigor! Last Monday JB and I started getting up at 5:30 and walking the dogs. Well - the only new part for me was walking the dogs. It was all new for him :) Then I work all day, come home, and either log 60 minutes on my treadmill (M,W,F) or 40 minutes on the weight machine (T,TH). After working out, I rest for a few minutes, then head upstairs to cook dinner. Then I crash for the night. Well this week I planned stuff that would take a long time to cook - baked potatoes, crockpot soups, etc. So most of the dinner is ready when I'm done with my workout. Last night I actually spent 2 hours in the sewing room while JB played on the computer and the dogs slept - lucky dogs!!! So, currently on the table, cutting that is. Is one finished apron. The cute little blue print one - I ripped off the pink ruffle. I will use that for another apron - this time all the same fabric! One cut out apron - hope to get finished tonight. 3 aprons in my mind - the pink one, which will be short and 2 from dog prints to send to my friends. I have been attempting to knit Valentine theme warshrags for gifts - so far I have two pale pink ones finished. I made them out of left over Takhi cotton and they need to be blocked. I'm not real thrilled with blocking a washcloth. The red cotton chenille that was on my swift? Wound into a yarn cake - want to make the MD round washcloth with bobbles to send to a friend. Would make a loverly Valentine's surprise. Finally - I picked up some single CD sleeves. I want to try using these to make a holder for circular needles. If it works I will give one to my friend with her needle case - that is if we can ever find time to get together when one of us isn't working! Okay to finish working so I can knit in peace on The Man Sweater - the back is about 8" long again (heavy sigh).

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