January 19, 2007

Not Once, But Twice!

I've been tagged. By both Carolyn and Shannon. So, here's the deal: *Get tagged by someone *Write down 5 things that have never been revealed on your blog before *Tag 5 others Here goes: *1~I am a perfectionist. If I can't do it correctly and perfect, I won't do it at all! *2~I avoid watching the news and reading the newspaper like the plague. It's just too depressing to me and I get all caught up in what they're missing. I particularly hate senseless tragedy. I will and do follow politics however - go figure. *3~I hate to cook, yet I am responsible for 98% of the care and feeding that goes on in this house. However, I love cookbooks and trying new recipes. Just this year I've become addicted to Rachael Ray - she makes me nuts, but she has some good recipes. Also, I could very easily be vegetarian, most red meat grosses me out!!! *4~My first husband was in the Air Force and we were stationed in England for 2 years. Consequently I can never give blood - apparently I'm a Mad Cow!! I also re-learned how to knit while we were stationed in England. Because of the way I knit, I hate to knit in public. Apparently I hold my needles and move my yarn in a modified Continental style. Basically I knit by feel. This means that I can knit and watch a movie or carry on a conversation without looking at my knitting. This drives other's in the same room crazy, they all start looking at me and watching what I'm doing ~ this makes me crazy!!! *5~JB and I are planning for our next job. We hope to make the move from working for others to owning a B&B. We just can't decide where to live - I want to live in New England and he wants to stay on the West Coast. Other than that we have a basic agreement on what we want ~ land, separate owner's quarters, and at least 5 bedrooms all with private baths. *Bonus~all of my dogs have middle names. Abigail Jane, Dudley Do-Right (JB is Canadian, after all), Lucy Lou (who was named after Lucille Ball, but her name is Lucy), and Beauregard James. Beau didn't have a middle name until one day last summer at the vet's office. He was getting his ears checked and he is a huge baby. When the Doctor lifted his ear to look in it, Beau screamed, jumped up on the bench and tried to hide behind me. Dr. Throm looked at him and said "Beauregard James, get back here!" He went and has been Beauregard James ever since :) With that being done, I'm tagging the following people Claire, Linda, Debbie, Lisa, and Linda.

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  1. I totally agree about not watching the news - too depressing.

    Can I be a guest in your B&B? I'm easy - I've never been to NE and I haven't been to the west coast in years, so it might be time to return.


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