January 27, 2007

Good Morning, Good Morning

Occasionally, I have to act as if. But not so much today. I am actually having a good morning :) I was too tired to get my weight lifting in this morning, but I did two full weight workouts this week, as well as 3 sessions on the treadmill, the dogs got walked every day :) Not too shabby. By the way - my WI this week finally showed a great loss (4.6#) and I am finally under goal again! Woo Hoo. This morning I am headed to the new home of one of our ASG members. We are having a party there! The meeting will still be held, however there will be food, too. This is new for us and I'm looking forward to it. Yesterday I made it to both JoAnns to get some solid fabric that will hopefully work with the apron as well as some really cute valentine's dog prints to make aprons for some friends. My goal is to get those in the mail by next weekend - February 5th at the latest. I also got to the local yarn store and got the correct size of Addis Turbo for The Man Sweater. I got it switched to the metal needle and away I went. I think I added between 2-3" to that puppy yesterday. And speaking of puppies - that was after bathing all 4 of them. Have you ever tried to wrestle a 110# dog into the tub who doesn't want to go? Maybe I did get some weight training after all :)

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