January 26, 2007

Don't Really Have Anything

I've been thinking sewing all week. Thinking about it, looking at it, all the while doing other things. I haven't ripped the flounce off the apron yet, although I'm shopping for different accent (not drastic contrast) fabric to work with it today. Last Sunday I finally stopped at the LYS and bought an Addi turbo for The Man Sweater - but I got the wrong size - what an idiot!!! So that's on the errands list for today too. And after living in Seattle almost my entire life and spending the last 3 years walking the dogs in any weather I finally bought myself a nice Columbia Sportwear raincoat - only to find it's a little snug at the hips. It would work fine over a t-shirt, but add anything heavier and it won't be zipped. So, exchange coat is also on the errands list for today. Plus checkbook balancing, vacuuming, cleaning. I'm having company for dinner tomorrow after my ASG meeting. I'm really looking forward to this meeting. One of our members has spent the last year building a new home. The photos look fabulous. They are finally moved in and we are meeting at her house. Another member is giving an awesome presentation on Color, how to work with it, how to understand it, why somethings work together and others don't. This will be an incredible presentation and I can't wait. Then we are all going to have a pot-luck meal. Will be very fun. After that it will be more housework. Then I'm cooking prime rib, baked potatoes, roasted asperagus and cauliflower. I'm not sure why I'm making two veggies because the wife won't eat either of them. I have a new JenAire oven which I've had since my kitchen remodel last year. I have never roasted prime rib in this oven. I'm a little worried as I know that the temp is off almost 25*. I really need to check with JenAire and find out what my warranty covers and how they can fix this little problem - which isn't too bad when your recipe calls for 325* for 30 minutes - I know to crank the oven up to 350* and everything will come out fine. But prime rib starts off in a really, really hot oven!! I'm a little worried. Okay - to start my errands - first stop Weight Watchers, for WI. I've been really, really, good this week so I'm hoping to see a loss.

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