January 8, 2007

I Have a Problem

And this is the real reason that I'm not turning out 117 garments in a year like Shannon & her dog Simon or even half that like Carolyn. I always think I have way more time than I do and that things won't take as long as they actually do. So, I killed several hours of my free day on Saturday, by watching tv and knitting! Good news - I'm finally on the sleeve decreases on The Man Sweater. I'm working both sleeves at the same time. Bad news - I'm bored with the project and I still have to finish the sleeves and knit the front! Then I roamed around JoAnn Fabrics for more than an hour looking for something. I'm not sure what and I never did find it. Upon arriving home I found these piles of fabric on my sewing table. The Princess had been here and she picked out some cottons for the hedgie beds. However she left me no instructions on how big these beds should be. So, these are the first couple of 'tents' I turned out. Since the inside should be something warm and fuzzy and I didn't have any sherpa - I put fleece inside and lined them with batting. I thought the first one (on the right) looked too tall so I made the next one smaller. I quilted the cottons together so I could make use of both pieces she picked for each bed and still make sure they were washable and warm. Then I talked to her. Apparently, a full-grown hedgehog can get as big as around 7" from nose to tail. So, these won't be deep enough. But since a baby is coming I still have more time. The John Deer Fabric in the front was cut to be deeper and a little more shallow - to really snuggle in and keep warm. Finally - once I got done running all my errands on Sunday - Costco, grocery, and picking up prescriptions - I came home to JB working on building our new M2. The Musical One had finally moved out of the downstairs room and we were setting up the workout room. This room is small than we thought, but it will work. In the room is my treadmill, the M2 and a Gazelle Glider. JB says he's going to use it, but I won't hold my breath. We originally bought the glider when I wanted a new treadmill 4 years ago, because he was going to use it. I have used it plenty, but he's been on it twice. The first time after assembling it and the second time last night to make sure he had enough room for it! I am excited about the Inspire M2 - this is a complete home gym with a 150# weight stack. It has a pretty small footprint and is much easier to use than some of the other home gyms we had looked at. The store we bought it at also included a one time session with a personal trainer - in our home! I'm really excited about that! You can see the back of Lucy check out the machine - they were kept out of the room yesterday. After getting the equipment built, we moved the tv and stand, moved the computer desk and filing cabinet and the last remaining recliner downstairs. Everything got cleaned, dusted, vacuumed and walls even got washed. Unfortunately - I was up way too late so I didn't get to use any of the equipment this morning. JB is working late on a friends car tonight, so that plan is to test the tv viewing angle from the treadmill as soon as I get home!


  1. You are buzzing along here. Like the idea of an exercise room. Keep us posted on progress.

  2. Gaylen - I have a problem with time getting away from me too. I am able to sew as much as I do as a result of a couple things. First, I have no children - it's just the hubby and Simon - this, obviously, frees up alot of my time. Second, I have alot of time off with my job - I have 1 week in March, 2 weeks at Xmas and 2 months in the summer. I tend to be most productive during these times when I have large chucks of time.

    P.S. Good luck with the new workout - I love my weight machine and I bet you will too.

  3. How do you like the M2? I saw it at a local fitness store in NH and am hoping to buy one. It looks like a quality machine and I'm kicking myself because I was offered one for $1500 - on sale.

    I have an elliptical, treadmill, and recumbent bike plus a 20" LCD. I've been watching dvds of the USA network show Monk while using my elliptical and doing a treadmill running program. Need to get back to weight lifting...

    Your sewing is quite beautiful. I'm hoping to learn how to use my grandmother's sewing machine. She started to show me about 32 years ago - and we never did finish that smock top and huge bell bottomed pants! All cut out and partially sewn - and of course, no way they'd fit me know!

    If you have a chance email me at susan@vanabs.com about your experience so far with the M2.



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