December 27, 2006


Why does the passing of Christmas feel like such a let down? It almost always has for me. All the hype and drama - and then, sorta nothing. It's just over. Anyway - the computer bags were a big hit. Both girls loves theirs. The felted purses seamed to go over well, along with the felted oven mitts and warshrags. I got photos of the kitchen sets, but not the bags in the after condition. Now I just have to get them out of my computer. Tonight we start installing the new closet system in the upstairs bedroom for The Musical One. Her bed got moved up last week so company could use it. They left this morning so now it's time for life to carry on. Hope to find some time to get some personal sewing done. The cutting table looks like a hurricane of wrapping paper hit it. Guess I'll need to get that cleaned up first. I have 4 days off this weekend with the possibility to attend a party on New Year's Eve. We'll have to see. Happy Sewing, Knitting and Crafting everyone.

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