December 20, 2006

Checking the List

and checking things off! These are the computer bags for the girls. I finished the polka dot one last night! I have also posted photos of the linings. The orange floral is the inside of The Princess' bag. The flannel used for the lining almost exactly matches the cotton used on the outside. On her bag I added some quilting lines to keep the batting from shifting, but didn't divide the pockets at all. Also I added a layer of cotton batting to the lining pieces just for a little extra cush. It wasn't called for in the pattern - but then I'm not positive they were meant to shlep computers around! I also lined both the fashion fabric and lining of the bottom pieces with batting. This bottom and sides get a piece of plastic canvas to help make them stiff! The outer shell is fused with a very heavy fusible interfacing - also to give the bag body. The lining for The Musical One's bag also has 2 inside pockets (oh yea, the pattern only called for one), but this time I divided one side into two pockets and the other side into 3. I like this much better as the pockets are still big enough to hold cables, a small notebook and whatever else you might need to have with your laptop - but they aren't as floppy as not dividing the pockets into sections at all! Unfortunately, because the sides have plastic canvas in them and then they are sewn shut with the application of the zipper - there is no easy way to divide the pockets on The Princess' bag. I'm sure she'll live! Two more work days until I'm off for the holiday :) I have to go back to work on Boxing Day - but that will be good as my sister in law will be visiting and I'm sure I will be more than ready for a break. Sewing left to do before the 25th: *5 aprons *3 stuffed Teddy Bears for the dogs Knitting left to do: *2 oven mitts to be felted *mini M/D Ballband warshcloths *continue working on the man sweater Of course I still have some "real" shopping to do. When, I don't know, but I think I can


  1. Love the bags! You've given me some good ideas...but not until after the holidays!

    I cannot send pictures of my doggies - maybe some day when I get caught up with technology.
    Take care of yourself.

    CC Mary

  2. Wow. I hate my computer bag. This is such a wonderful solution. Thanks for the idea.


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