December 30, 2006

2006 In Review

Hmm - it seems like I accomplished alot during the past year. But if you want to see what someone who is truly prolific can accomplish, go check out what Carolyn got done last year. Way to go girl, thanks for the encouragement and I'm very glad to see you blogging again. So - what did I manage to accomplish during 2007? *I made 33 garments for myself. All of which get worn regularly. *I made a big red bow for a bride to tie around her waist and hang down her back. She loved it and I saw pictures - it didn't look overly large! *I knit 5 sweater for myself, 5 felted oven mitts, 3 felted bags and too many warshrags to count! *I helped my ASG group make infant clothing for the National Charity Project *I help my ASG group make roman shades for the Senior Center where we meet. *I got two curtain panels finished for my dining room. What is hanging over from last year? *The Man Sweater - the back is done, I am currently working both sleeves at the same time and am almost done with the shaping rows. *The curtains for the living room - 6 panels in all. They are cut, seamed and ready to go, I'm waiting on JB to hang the new rods so I can figure out how long they need to be to finish them. *Two denim-type jackets which are cut out and need to be sewn and one t-shirt. Goals for 2007? *To be true to myself in my sewing. *To actually make some of the items from my inspiration folder *To create with fabric I own and purchase less *To stop being afraid of fabrics I haven't used before. That should do it. Happy New Year everyone.

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