December 7, 2006

I've got Nothin'

So Beau thought he'd tell you all about his day.
Hi, I'm Beau. I'm a dog and I'm mom's favorite, but don't tell the other - Abby thinks she's the favorite! Yea, Right.
Anyway, I love my mom and stuffed toys that make noise. Dad is suppose to be bringing home new noise makers so mom can fix my monkey but she keep forgetting. Ya know what else she forgot? To save some of her breakfast to share with me.
Mom has been super busy lately, she's putting different stuff all around the house and making stuff all the time. She's been really lazy and hasn't been taking me out to sniff the neighborhood. But that's okay, cuz when we don't get out of our yard alot, then she'll let me sit in her lap. Well when she doesn't have those pointy sticks in her hands. When she does she just yells at me about my feet! What about my feet? She says they are rough and big and will 'ruin' her project - Whatever!
Time for my nap while mom gets ready for work. Then she gets to be home for 3 days in a row with us - maybe I can talk her into walking me then - what do you think? Beauregard James

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  1. Beau, i think that you are a handsome boy. I think that i am more handsome though. I will still be your friend though.


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