December 15, 2006

Doing What I Do Best

Have I mentioned that I'm having a cocktail party tonight? Have I ever mentioned that I have 4 dogs? Or how about the fact that my husband and I both work full-time? Or even that I might be a little bit of a procrastinator? So here's what I should be doing this morning - *grocery shopping *stopping at the liquor store *vacuuming *dusting *laundry (just 'cuz there's so much I can't hide it behind a door right now!) *then cooking *I need to press my dress and I would like to make an apron (it ain't gonna happen, but I'd like to) What am I doing instead - updating my blog - adding a list of my labels - thanks Debbie :) Reading comments - Linda, you are so right. I have been peri for a couple of years now, but nobody will listen to me. Yes, I finally found a new doctor who will :P Mary - do you have a blog or website? I would love to see pics of your dogs. And GP - thanks for being there. Jess - can't wait to see you and the boys, wish you were here for the party. Okay - headed off to get my errands run. The Musical One just woke up and I gave her a job to help - now she's not happy. Heaven forbit you should have to clean up after yourself :)


  1. I wish you had time to make the apron!! I love the idea of the holiday dress with an apron...just like you said, very 50's housewife!!
    Too cool!

  2. Gaylen,

    Hope your party went very well this evening! Sorry about the "downs" yesterday. I know for myself the older I get and closer to what might now be starting the peri phase, that the hormone drop at the end of the cycle is definitely stronger--it reminds me of the "early cycle" years in the teens. I guess we start out and end the cycling phases with a somewhat bumpy ride!


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