December 13, 2006


I really appreciate everyone's comments. Whether they are on my precious pups, my frustration with weight management or sewing questions. I have a couple of questions regarding comments. Sometimes, commenters ask questions in their comments. What do you feel is the best way to answer them? A response in comments or a new post? I'm sure that many of you have posted comments on TypePad blogs. I really like their comment format. When you sign in, not only do you put your name and blog/website info - you also leave your email address. I have had a couple of people actually send me an email regarding a comment I left - just a thank you or good idea. Does anyone know if there is a way to add an email address to blogger posters? Is that something you have to have listed in either your profile or on your blog? Do you ever wonder if the person who's blog you left a comment on has read it? Especially if you are posting on an older post? I have my comments set so that I get an email every time I get a comment. Which is really nice - especially when I got a new comment last week on a post from this summer. But, in all truthfulness - I stalk my own blog to see if people are leaving comments and I always smile when I see them. So, thank you all, my new virtual friends, for reading my blog and leaving your opinion. It makes a difference. It makes it a little easier to post things that aren't sewing related. To "put myself" out on the Internet - as it were. I appreciate your comments, opinions, help and support. Happy Holidays everyone and happy sewing/knitting/crafting.


  1. You could always reply by leaving a comment on your own post. I have seen several bloggers do that.

  2. I ask myself the same question ... whether to write a new entry to answer a comment question or answer with a comment myself. I think it depends on the question and how wordy my answer might be, and whether I think others might also want to know the answer.

    IOW, I have no answer. ;-)

  3. I use blogger and have asked myself the same question - how do you respond to 1) people leaving comments so they know you've read them and appreciate their input and 2)answer questions they have left for you. For now, I try and leave a response in the comment section where they left me the question but who knows if they see it.

    So, what I'm saying is that I have no answer either. But I'll be watching your comments on this topic to see if there are some good suggestions!

  4. I leave answers on my own blog if I can't find an email to respond to. It's a question I wrestle with all the time.

  5. Hey,
    I enjoy reading about you and your sewing. I have a new blog check it out. I don't have much traffic yet.

  6. Okay gang - I was just looking at my profile and you can edit it to show your email address. I generally look at the profile and then follow on over to their blog when people post comments. If your email was available - I could respond that way. Gonna go look again and see who has emails available :)


I appreciate you coming to see me. It may take me a bit to publish your comment - but I will get to them by the end of every day. If you leave a way for me to get back to you, I will. Thanks for taking the time to comment and share your opinions. g

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