December 9, 2006

The Dress that May Not Happen

This dress is kicking my arse! Yesterday I got all the darts sewn. Re-threaded the serged and edge finished the side seams. Then sewed the shoulder seams. I then very carefully basted the narrow bias into the shoulder and neck seams and sewed the lining into the dress. It looked like carp!! am I new? Did I just learn to sew? Have a never made a lined dress before? I sewed both the dress and lining with the rights sides up - rather than opposites which means that the lining has the darts on the body side of the dress rather than having them neatly sandwiched between the fashion fabric and the lining! What an idiot! So, after attending my office holiday dinner, having a drink, and being out much later than usual - I got up at 5:30 with the hounds and unpicked the armhole and neckline seams. I then ripped the basting off the bias. Not sure if I'll reattach that or not. I also ripped the shoulder seams on the lining - at least the seams can go to the proper side even if the darts can't - I'm no restitching them - I don't have time. Currently, I'm procrasting the resewing as I type this. Today includes charity sewing with my local ASG group - since I'm a NGL I have to be there early to set up. Which means I have to leave the house in about an hour to be early. Then JB's holiday party is tonight - I might be wearing something I've worn before :}

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