December 1, 2006

Thanksgiving Guest

Here's Bosley. He is a big boy! Very sweet. Poor Bosley has had a rough life. When he was a pup - he was run over by a truck and drug down the street. The driver of the truck claims to never have seen him.
His hips are bad, he has trouble getting up and unfortunately, he fell one morning coming down the stairs at my house. He doesn't exactly like other dogs - he likes his other dogs, but they stayed with the soon to be ex-wife of my brother.So, Bos is lonely on top of everything else. Just for comparison
- here's a picture of Abigail Jane and Beauregard laying on their blanket. Abigail is a fullgrown, 52# basset hound, Beau is a 3YO Male Bloodhound who weighs in at 102#. He's not so little himself, but next to Bosley - he looks like a small dog.
Beau was the most upset about Bosley visiting - he really doesn't like other dogs in his house. Once he was okay with Bosley being in the house, anytime that Bos would lift his head, Beau would go check and see what he was doing. He would sniff his nose and then step over him, going perilously close to the bad hip. Thankfully, Bosley is very well behaved and listens to my brother who refused to let Bosley put Beau in line because it was Beau's house.
Today is my Friday off and I plan on working on the Holiday Sheath Dress today, since I need to wear it Next Saturday and all that I've done is make the muslin and prewash the fabric!


  1. I've been enjoying your blog and lurking for a few weeks now. I'm enjoying it even more now that I have seen your doggies! I have a basset (Gigi) and a bloodhound (Blue)- Blue weighs in at 127lbs! But he is my baby, a total mama's boy.

    Cape Cod Mary

  2. Oh, and I'm a paralegal. We seem to have a few things in commone!

    CC Mary

  3. Mary - I am so envious that you live in Cape Cod (I'm assuming due to your name). Loved it there when we went to visit.

    I too, love to the dogs and it sounds like we do have a few things in common.


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