December 8, 2006

Holiday Dress

Today I am taking a vacation day. Why, you ask? Because somehow, I need to turn flat fabric which has been cut into the shape of a dress, but very little else has been done to it up to this point, into a three dimensional dress. I did manage to get both the waist and bust darts sewn on Monday night, but truthfully, I spent a fair bit of time watching The Closer instead of pinning and sewing darts!
This is the dress that I plan to wear to JB's office Holiday Part tomorrow night. So, the question still remains - why do I need to get it done today? Because - tomorrow is my ASG Neighborhood Group Meeting and I need help marking the hem! I know I do, I always do and since The Princess moved out - I don't have anyone living in the house to help.
But, first, before I head into the sewing/crafting space I'm going to take a quick shower, make oatmeal (I'm hungry), get the gifts for my office party gift exchange out of my car and find wrapping paper. My party is tonight and I'm sad to say that Jeans are the dress of choice - although the office is having dinner at a nice restaurant. I might just wear a skirt anyway as I love to look nice, but I might give into peer pressure.
The Princess had a good idea for the gift exchange gifts. The limit this year was $20. So, I headed out to Fred Meyer and picked up 2 movies, one 'guy' movie and one 'chick flick' and a box of popcorn - ready made date night! Hopefully it will be a popular gift.
Okay - got a lot to get done today, guess I should get busy.

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