December 11, 2006

Lazy Sunday

After sleeping late - until 7. I spent a little time surfing blogs this morning. Now I have more craft ideas and no more time. Friday I manage to get a little more of the house decorated for my little (which is rapidly growing out of control) Holiday Cocktail Party this Friday. Did a little shopping and worked on the dress for JB's party on Saturday. Went out to dinner with my office - fun was had by all. Saturday we went to the Bellevue Botanical Gardens and walked around looking at their light show. It was incredible. JB took the 33mm film camera, but I left the digital at home. Then we headed over to his party - where I wore a fabulous green sheath dress - yep. Got 'er done! Today, got up late. Played with dogs, mended all the dog toys. Finished knitting a bag to be felted for a holiday gift. Worked on the Man Sweater - just an inch to go on the back before the shoulder shaping and worked on another felted oven mitt. Need to get 3 more made. I never left the house all day, barely got dressed. No sewing was done - but I did manage to knit. Headed to bed now so I can start it all again :)

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  1. Gaylen, I think you have to find a happy medium in all things. I think size 8 is pretty small for somone whose underlying shape is "rectangle", especially considering your height. If you have to go through the things you have listed to maintain that 150#, that's just not realistic, assuming you ever want to do anything else!!! Love ya! Sara


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