December 4, 2006


This morning when I woke up - I was dizzy. Not a little dizzy, but I thought I was going to fall down dizzy. I had to hold onto the walls to walk downstairs - dizzy. Moving very slowly I did what I needed to with the dogs. Since JB had the day off, we stayed downstairs until feeding time. I don't suppose I have to tell you all that I skipped my workout. Anyway - I managed to get my holiday dress cut out. It had to be cut in a single layer. I spent several hours on Sunday cutting the muslin apart. I trued up the new seam lines, added the seam allowances were I could and marked the muslin where I couldn't add seam allowances so I knew to add them on the fabric. I now have 3 pieces of a soft sage green sheath dress cut. Tonight I hope to cut out the lining - providing I'm feeling better. Of course The Closer has a 2 hour special starting at 8pm and JB will still be upstairs watching Monday Night Football so I can watch The Closer and work on my dress at the same time. I have a couple of other things on my plate that I want to get done before the weekend - so I guess I better quit goofing off and start sewing. Ideally I want to make several (8-12) of the flower pincushions to share with my ASG group as a little holiday gift. So, that's the plan for tonight - cut lining, cut bias strips for the edging on the dress and cut circles. I think I can get that done and actually start sewing. Happy Sewing everyone. PS - Does anyone know if I can get people's email addresses? Like when they leave comments so that I can reply back to them personally.

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